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Who We Are


Founded in 2005, The Gift of Giving Back is an opportunity to inspire, support, educate and empower children through local minor athletics associations and school systems, to compassionately give back to our community.

Dynamic events are held throughout the year in multiple communities across the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area (GGHA), as we celebrate the collection of food donations benefiting local partnered agencies helping the less-fortunate. In fulfilling our mission as a registered charity, we aim to demonstrate the lasting, positive impact we can all have through the power of giving back.

As the largest community food drive of its kind in Canada, our communities have raised over 2.6 million pounds of food since inception; which is a direct community benefit of over $6.6 million*.

Results by Year

2007: 19,212 lbs

2008: 38,196 lbs

2009: 38,257 lbs

2010: 63,969 lbs

2011: 114,108 lbs

2012: 207,689 lbs

2013: 273,571 lbs

2014: 281,878 lbs

2015: 395,502 lbs

2016: 643,437 lbs

2017: 576,399 lbs

Chair: Jean Longfield
Vice-Chair: John Tait
Treasurer: Adam Nicholson
Secretary: Mike Quackenbush
Director: Andrea Taylor
Director: Rick Dale
Director: Jennifer Buchalter


* Food Banks Canada 2017 Annual Report; "Nielsen MarketTrack, All Channels, 52 Weeks, Ending December 15, 2014". Market value of donated food weight at $5.50/kg. Converted to $2.494756/lb.