Who We Are

The Gift of Giving Back Community Food Drive is the largest food drive of its kind in Canada, supporting six member agencies in the Halton Region. We have recently expanded to include two additional cities, welcoming Oakville and Brampton, their partners and their beneficiaries. The annual initiative supports, educates and empowers thousands of young male and female hockey athletes and high school students to give back to their communities. Since 2005, more than 2 million lbs. of food has been donated to families less fortunate. That is the accumulative donation of $5 million.

Now celebrating its 12th Anniversary, The 2017 Gift of Giving Back, supported by lead sponsor Burlington Mall and community partners, is gearing up for this season’s food drive. Events this June and November will provide more food to more beneficiaries than ever before.

In 2017 we also welcomed youth from our local baseball teams to the Gift of Giving Back through the BOMBA organization. We are pleased to have them join us with their Summer food drive event.

Vision – City Level

Create and foster a life-long passion in youth to give back to their community.

Our Mission

To inspire, support, educate and empower our children through minor hockey associations and local school systems, to compassionately give back to our community.

Focused on a dynamic annual event, celebrating the collection of food donations benefitting local member agencies helping the less-fortunate, we aim to demonstrate the lasting, positive impact we can all have through the power of giving back.

Vision – Corporate Level

Operating as a fully licensed charity with sound governance we will focus on the development, roll out and institutionalization of the regional programs under The Gift of Giving Back.

  • A firm commitment to succeed
  • Genuine love of youth
  • Integrity
  • Altruism